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Our Hello Weekend Mission

Our Hello Weekend Mission
The core passion and our brand mission at the heart of all we do is to not add more waste into our community and environment but use what we already have to reduce the environmental impact of the business and not cost the earth in what we do.

The Weekender, Shopper and Good to Go Pouch bags you see are the first designs with many more in the pipeline yet to come. Hello Weekend products are always bright, bold, on trend, fun and matched with a positive impact.
Everything from the mailing satchel and packaging, printed cards and of course the product itself are made in an eco-friendly manner.  rPET material made from recycled consumer plastic, less carbon emissions in the manufacturing process, vegetable oil based inks in our printing and compostable mailers.  
Each bag is made from recycled plastic bottles cleaned up from consumer waste. Throwing those plastic water bottles into your recycling bin can then be collected and recycled into many functional materials used in a growing fashion and accessory industry that gives great purpose to your purchases.
 It's a circular sustainable product which we just LOVE! Once our bags have become worn out after many many many adventures in years to come, simply pop them into the soft plastics recycling bin at your nearest participating supermarket. Who knew that recycled products could make such an impact!