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The Hello Weekend Story

The story behind Hello Weekend the brand


Weekend adventures never looked so good. 
Say goodbye to unnecessary waste and hello to an eco-conscious impact!

Reuse our bags and reduce single-use plastic trash in landfill and our oceans and then simply recycle your bag in your supermarket plastics bin when done. Yeah!


Bec and Sally, Co-Founders Hello Weekend

Hello Weekend is the brainchild of Sydney cousins Sally + Bec, who grew up together holidaying at their families most loved spot on the South Coast, NSW. This colourful, fun and authentically designed brand was dreamed up during a Christmas holiday break together, sharing numerous discussions under a beach umbrella before putting words into action. After extensive research, product testing and all the hurdles that come with life and raising families, this passion project has finally found its feet some three years later. 


The bags you see are the first designs with many more in the pipeline yet to come. Hello Weekend products are always bright, bold, on trend, fun and matched with a positive impact. The core passion of the business is to not create further waste but use what we already have to reduce the environmental impact of the business and not cost the earth in what we do. Everything from the mailing satchel and packaging, printed cards and of course the product itself are made in an eco-friendly manner.  rPET material made from recycled consumer plastic, less carbon emissions in the manufacturing process, vegetable oil based inks in our printing and recycled ocean plastic mailers.  

We hope you love Hello Weekend as much as we have loved creating it for you! 
As small business owners, you can be sure we've done a little happy dance when you've made your purchase. 

Please feel free to say Hello! on social media @helloweekendAU
Sally + Bec Xxx


Diagram of plastic bottles being turned into fabric to make a Hello Weekend bag

rPET is recycled PET material (polyethylene terephthalate) sourced from post-consumer waste plastic drink bottles. It is also once again a fully recyclable material.  By recycling PET bottles in your curb side recycling bin and turning them into rPET, it can not only be used in a huge variety of ways but essentially saves landfill space and waste washing into our oceans. 

The process involves collecting and cleaning the bottles, shredding them into small flakes and melting it into yarn. The yarn is then spun into thread and woven into fabric. Fabric is then cut and sewn into your new Hello Weekend bag! Then once you've worn your bag out, simply pop it into the supermarket soft plastics bin for future recycling once more.