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How we turn plastic bottles into Hello Weekend bags

How we turn plastic bottles into Hello Weekend bags

Feel good about throwing away those plastic water bottles into your recycling bin, these bottles are now destined to take on a whole new eco friendly life as an rPET material which we've designed into one of our many Hello Weekend bag designs. A colourful beach bag, soft foldable shopper bag or a handy good to go pouch with many more new concepts in the pipeline of what we can use this incredible material for next!

rPET is recycled PET material (polyethylene terephthalate) sourced from post-consumer waste plastic drink bottles. It is also once again a fully recyclable material.  By recycling PET bottles and turning them into rPET, it can not only be used in a huge variety of ways but essentially saves landfill space and waste washing into our oceans. 

The process involves collecting and cleaning the bottles, shredding them into small flakes and melting it into yarn. The yarn is then spun into thread and woven into fabric. Fabric is then cut and sewn into your new Hello Weekend bag! Then once you've worn your bag out, simply pop it into your soft plastics recycling bin at any local participating supermarket and it can once again be recycled. 

At the core of our brand at Hello Weekend is sustainability. The bags we've created have been designed around the use and functionality of the rPET material. We can stop single use plastic from ending up as landfill and taking beyond a lifetime to break down in the ground. Recycling saves rubbish being discarded and washing into our oceans and killing aquatic life. As consumers, consciously recycling can make a difference however small it may feel. It might even end up in the fabric of our bags one day!